Put gloves on your feet and
start dancing on the clouds

All our shoes are skillfully and meticulously handmade from 100% genuine leather and 1.st quality accessories.

Did you know?

When I was a young girl at 16, I went to my family doctor because sometimes my feet hurt during sport activities.
The doctor told me that the pain came from having a “fallen forefoot” – Metatarsalgia, and because of that I would never be able to walk on high heels.
At that time I really did not care, I was more into sport than high heels.

When I started to dance tango I started to dance on high heels and it hurt so much – it felt like walking on broken glass.

I found a very good surgical appliance maker who “rebuilt” my tango shoes, and suddenly I was able to walk without pain.

I can make your shoedream come through

Wedding shoes? Special occasion? or do you need irregular size?

Contact me for custom made shoes.

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