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 The design of Tango y Miel Shoes

The platform:
In order to provide you with the most comfortable shoe we have added a soft cushion under your toes and a built in padding to lift and support your forefoot.

The fitting:
Since we are aware that all feet are not the same, all models come in different fittings – narrow, normal and wide.
We have also designed a front especially for feet with Hallux Valgus that covers and protect the bone  – it can be ordered on all models, just ask.

The sizes:
The normal sizes are from 35 – 41.
Other sizes can be made upon request.

The heels:
You can choose between 7 cm and 8,5 cm.

The models:
We have 10 different models that are made in different designs.
Each design is made in a limited number, making every customer the collector of an exclusive pair of handmade shoes.

Our Azalea you will always be able to find in black, red and nude color.

All our shoes are skillfully and meticulously handmade from 100% genuine leather and quality accessories.


 The story behind Tango y Miel shoes

My name is Pernille Emborg.

When I was a young girl at 16, I went to my family doctor because sometimes my feet hurt during sport activities. The doctor told me that the pain came from having a “fallen forefoot” – Metatarsalgia, and because of that I would never be able to walk on high heels. At that time I really did not care, I was more into sport than high heels.

When I started to dance tango I started to dance on high heels and it hurt so much – it felt like walking on broken glass.

I found a very good surgical appliance maker who “rebuilt” my tango shoes, and suddenly I was able to walk without pain.

This gave me the idea to make the most comfortable tango shoes, with extra padding and a built in support for the arch – I hope you will love it just as much as I do

Pernille Emborg
designer and director of Tango y Miel Shoes

Pernille Emborg
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